For contractors

EUROSTATUS is a convenient free service for receiving official payments for permanent and one–time works.

You get paid for the work done to the card without paying any commissions. The service is completely free.

The service is a reliable partner for solving official payments problems.

The service provides all the necessary official documents to confirm income.

We ensure the protection of your personal data.

You can receive official income regardless of citizenship.


The maximum income for executing one order can be up to 500 000 rubles.

Payment can be received by individuals, self-employed and individual entrepreneurs in the following areas:

Information technologies. Developers, programmers, GameDev, web designers, testers, SEO specialists.

Video and photo production. Screenwriters, artists, actors, models.

Public relations. Bloggers, influencers, journalists, editors, copywriters, correspondents, SMM specialists.
Education. Teachers, coaches, trainers, tutors, curators, mentors.

Consulting and support. Consultants, freelance lawyers, accountants, marketers, analysts and any type of outsourcing services.

Design and architecture. Designers, architects, planners, cost surveyors, engineers.

How does the EUROSTATUS platform function?

Everything is easy. You register in the personal account, confirm the execution of the order. When the works are completed and the status is confirmed, the payment will be automatically credited to your card. The necessary receipts and certificates will be generated in your personal account.

Order acceptance

Order execution, customer approval

Automatic payment to the card

Formation of documents in the personal account

Be your own boss with EUROSTATUS!

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